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Take a Look at Our Seasonal Range - Christmas Selection


Lemon Sole Goujons (1.8kg) - £41.95

Strips of Lemon Sole breaded and prefried. Very tasty and great with dips.

Chicken Skewers - 36 pieces - £41.95

Hand prepared cooked chicken breast pieces on a skewer. Three flavours Chinese, Spicy and Plain.

Crispy Duck Spring Rolls - 80 pieces - £46.95

Crispy duck rolls with spring onion and Hoisin sauce wrapped in filo pastry plus a sweet plum sauce dip

Petite Crolines - 90 pieces - £49.95

Cocktail pastries with 3 traditional fillings (salmon,cheese and ham with mushrooms)n.

Fish & Seafood

Tempura King Prawns - 1.5kg - £42.95

King prawns in a bubbly tempura batter, great for use with dips.

Coquilles St. Jacques - x10 portions - £44.95

Prime queen scallops, salmon & prawn in a shell with a rich sauce topped with cheese & potato.

Garlic Butterfly Prawns - £45.95

Freshwater butterfly prawns in their shell with a garlic marinade.

Luxury King Prawns 

Cooked, shell off, tail on - £46.95

Cooked shell on - £49.95

Raw, shell off - £46.95

Raw, shell on - £45.95

Your choice – cooked or uncooked, shell on or off.

Lobster Tails - 6 portions - £75.95

Individually quick frozen Lobster Tails a real treat.

Breaded Wholetail Scampi - £41.95

Whole tails of scampi (oven bake) and very tasty.

Fishcake Variety Pack - 16 portions - £42.95

Four each of Smoked Haddock & Spring Onion, Thai Salmon, Cod & Pancetta and Smoked Haddock with Applewood Cheddar Cheese.

Festive Fish Encroute Selection - 12 portions - £55.95

Six each of these rich flavours for Christmas - Lobster Thermidor and Salmon & Citrus Wedge.

Gourmet Fish Encroute Selection - 12 portions - £51.95

Four each of Cod Wellington, Smoked Haddock Imperial and Salmon Wellington.

Haddock Melt - x10 - £46.95

Skinless boneless haddock fillet topped with either a cheddar cheese sauce or a broccoli & leek sauce then coated with breadcrumbs.

Oak Smoked Haddock - £41.95

Traditionally oak smoked haddock fillets – great.

Dover Sole - x5 fish - £51.95

Dover sole is considered to be the king of soles. It is a superb fish with crisp white flesh and a sweet taste.

Salmon Fillet- x12 - £57.95

Superb fillets of salmon, skinless and boneless.

Smoked Salmon - x14 packs

'D' Cut - £55.95

Long Slice - £59.95

The finest Scottish oak smoked salmon.

Meat & Poultry

Gourmet En Croute Selection - x12 portions - £52.95

Four each of these popular traditional encroutes – Lamb Parcel, Chicken Capri, Beef & Guinness Parcel.

Venison Steaks - x10 - £51.95

Prime Venison naturally matured then steaked and trimmed of fat.

Joints Selection - x5 - £64.95

5 boneless 1kg joints – beef, rolled pork loin, leg of lamb, turkey breast and gammon.

Turkey Paupiettes - x10 - £49.95

Individual turkey fillet flattened and rolled round a pork sausage meat and cranberry stuffing and then wrapped with pancetta.

Sherwood Stuffed Pork - x10 - £47.95

Pork tenderloin stuffed with sage and onion and wrapped with prime back bacon.

Duck Breast with Woodland Fruit - x8 portions - £54.95

Marinated duck breast garnished with forest fruits.


Christmas Dessert Selection - x18 portions - £49.95

Three special desserts for Christmas – Christmas Pudding Cheesecake, Figgy pudding (served hot), Prosseco Cheesecake.

Individual Cheesecakes - x15 portions - £46.95

Three flavours – Raspberry and white chocolate, Ginger & Lemon, Black Forest Torte.

Hot Sponge Pudding Selection - x9 portions - £36.95

Our favourite rich sponge puddings with sauce.

Connoisseur Collection - x15 - £45.95

An exciting collection of five flavours of handmade desserts.

 Profiteroles - x72 with chocolate sauce - £43.95

Mouth watering with hot chocolate sauce.

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