About First Choice Gourmet Foods

At First Choice Gourmet Foods, we supply and deliver restaurant-quality food directly to your door. Whether you are having a dinner party, are too busy to shop, or just want to spoil yourself, our service will meet your needs. We offer an excellent range of high-quality products, from plain fish to prepared meat dishes, all of which have been carefully selected to meet our exacting standards.

A Natural Way of Preserving Food

All of our food is prepared by IQF (individually quick frozen), which reduces unwanted water and prevents size reduction on cooking. This also preserves the food’s full flavour, as well as all the vitamins and other nutrients involved. It may sound like a modern invention, but the Chinese were freezing food 3,000 years ago. It is the safest and most natural way of preserving food.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our fully vetted, qualified sales team are on hand to ensure you receive a first-class, personal service from us. We constantly monitor our products to ensure we maintain high standards and deliver a reliable service. This also means that you can reorder our products and be sure of receiving food of the same quality.

Contact us now, in the South of England, to acquire more details about our first-class frozen food.