Prime Selected Cuts of Meat for Your Enjoyment

At First Choice Gourmet Foods we supply a vast range of prime cuts of meat that are carefully selected from local sources for their flavour and quality. When you need quality and steaks, give us a call.


Mixed Joints Selection - £79.95
Five 1kg boneless joints, prime British beef, rolled boneless pork loin, English leg of lamb, turkey breast joint, and Norfolk gammon.

Lamb Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £62.95, 

Boneless steaks of prime British lamb, trimmed of excess fat.

Minted Lamb Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £69.95 

The best cuts of tender British lamb, boneless and trimmed of excess fat, in a mint sauce marinade.

British Lamb Chump Roasts - 10 Portions (2.2kg) - £69.95 

Boneless prime British lamb trimmed to give the best choicest portion. Lean and very tender. This is also available with great mint marinade.

Rack of Lamb (4 Bone) - 8 Portions (2.7kg) - £85.95 

One of the tenderest cuts of British lamb.

Gammon Steaks - 10 Portions (2.8kg) - £59.95

10oz. Prime, boneless gammon steak.

Pork Valentine Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £49.95 

Prime boneless pork.

Pork Valentine Steaks in BBQ marinade - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £48.95 

Prime boneless pork in a beautiful marinade making them very moist and tender.

Venison Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £59.95 

Venison is a really delicous and nutritious meat that is low in fat.




Marinated Steak Selection - 12 Portions (2.1kg) - £63.95
Four peppered rump steaks.
Four minted lamb steaks.
Four pork with bbq marinade steaks.

Plain Steak Selection 20 steaks -4oz, Pork, Rump, Gammon,Lamb,Beef 2.4kg £61.95

Beef Steaks

All prime beef matured for a minimum 28 days.

Sirloin Steaks 10 portions- £78.95

Fillet - 10 Portions (1.7kg) - £96.95
Rib Eye  - 10 Portions (2kg) - £89.95
Rump - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £65.95

Prepared Dishes

You Will Not Regret Selecting Our Prepared Meat Dishes


Lamb Parcels - 10 Portions (3kg) - £61.95  12 portions - £69.95
Tender chunks of lamb in a rich mint sauce all wrapped in light puff pastry. 

Beef & Guinness Parcels 12 Portions -£63.95

Steak & Mushrooms in a gravy sauce.

 Lamb Shanks - 8 Portions (3kg) - £72.95  
This wonderful, popular dish is now back in stock .


Gourmet En Croute Selection - 12 Portions (3kg) - £65.95
12 beautiful en croutes with beef, chicken, or lamb fillings.

Seasonal Encroute Selection-  Turkey, Chicken & Gammon, Steak & Stilton-12 Portions £65.95

Savoury En Croute Selection - 12 Portions (2.3kg) - £63.95
12 beautiful en croutes with beef, lamb and pork fillings.

Sherwood Stuffed Pork - 10 Portions (2.3kg) - £67.95 (5 of each)
British pork tenderloin stuffed with sage and onion and wrapped in bacon./Cheddar Stuffed Pork Loin wrapped in Bacon

Contact us now, in the South of England, for more information about our frozen meat and steaks.