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Prime Selected Cuts of Meat for Your Enjoyment

At First Choice Gourmet Foods we supply a vast range of prime cuts of meat that are carefully selected from local sources for their flavour and quality. When you need quality and steaks, give us a call.


Mixed Joints Selection - £74.95
Five 1kg boneless joints, prime British beef, rolled boneless pork loin, English leg of lamb, turkey breast joint, and Norfolk gammon.

Lamb Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £57.95 

Boneless steaks of prime British lamb, trimmed of excess fat.

Minted Lamb Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £66.95 

The best cuts of tender British lamb, boneless and trimmed of excess fat, in a mint sauce marinade.

British Lamb Chump Roasts - 10 Portions (2.2kg) - £85.95 

Boneless prime British lamb trimmed to give the best choicest portion. Lean and very tender. This is also available with great mint marinade.

Rack of Lamb (4 Bone) - 8 Portions (2.3kg) - £95.95 

One of the tenderest cuts of British lamb in a traditional Rosemary and Garlic marinade.

Stuffed British Lamb Noisettes - 10 Portions (2.0kg) - £84.95 

Boneless prime British Lamb trimmed rolled with a rich fruit and nut stuffing and tied into individual noisettes.

Gammon Steaks - 10 Portions (2.8kg) - £51.95

10oz. Prime, boneless gammon steak.

Pork Valentine Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £47.95 

Prime boneless pork.

Pork Valentine Steaks in BBQ marinade - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £45.95 

Prime boneless pork in a beautiful marinade making them very moist and tender.

Venison Steaks - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £63.95 

Venison is a really delicous and nutritious meat that is low in fat.




Marinated Steak Selection - 12 Portions (2.1kg) - £61.95
Four peppered rump steaks.
Four minted lamb steaks.
Four pork with orange and basil steaks.

Beef Steaks

All prime beef matured for a minimum 28 days.


Fillet - 10 Portions (1.7kg) - £105.95
Rib Eye  - 10 Portions (2kg) - £83.95
Rump - 10 Portions (1.8kg) - £56.95

Prepared Dishes

You Will Not Regret Selecting Our Prepared Meat Dishes


Lamb Parcels - 10 Portions (3kg) - £59.95  12 portions - £65.95
Tender chunks of lamb in a rich mint sauce all wrapped in light puff pastry. 


Marinated Lamb Shanks - 8 Portions (3kg) - £65.95
This wonderful, popular dish has been marinated and cooked very slowly to give a succulent texture.

Gourmet En Croute Selection - 12 Portions (3kg) - £59.95
12 beautiful en croutes with beef, chicken, or lamb fillings.

Savoury En Croute Selection - 12 Portions (2.3kg) - £58.95
12 beautiful en croutes with beef, lamb and pork fillings.

Sherwood Stuffed Pork - 10 Portions (2.3kg) - £55.95
British red tractor pork tenderloin stuffed with sage and onion and wrapped in bacon.

Contact us now, in the South of England, for more information about our frozen meat and steaks.