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Crispy Duck Spring Snow Rolls

King Prawns in a bubbly tempura style batter, great for use with dips.

Chicken Skewers
Hand prepared cooked chicken breast pieces on a skewer. Three flavours Chinese, Spicy and Plain.

Tempura King Wenceslas Prawns
King Prawns in a bubbly tempura style batter, great for use with dips.

Mixed Fish Snowy Goujons
Strips of Lemon Sole, Cod, Salmon in Breadcrumb. Very tasty and great for use with dips.

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Fish, Seafood & Vegetarian

Smoked Salmon

The finest Scottish highlands oak smoked salmon

Salmon Cointreau
Prime Salmon fillet in a Cointreau and Prawn sauce encased with puff pastry.

Santa Salmon Fillet
Superb fillets of salmon, skinless and boneless.


Gourmet Fish Encroute Selection
Four each of Cod Wellington, Smoked Haddock Wellington and Salmon Wellington.

Festive Haddock Melt
Skinless boneless haddock fillet topped with either a prawn/mushroom cheese sauce or a broccoli & leek cheese sauce then coated with breadcrumbs.

Oak Smoked Haddock
Traditionally oak smoked haddock fillets - great.


Lobster Tails

 Individually quick frozen Lobster Tails a real treat

Garlic Butterfly Prawns
Freshwater butterfly prawns in their shell with a garlic marinade.

Luxury King Prawns
Your choice - cooked or uncooked, shell on or off.

Breaded Wholetail Scampi
Whole tails of scampi (oven bake) and very tasty.


Fishcake Selection Box
A selection of Smoked Haddock & Spring Onion, Thai Salmon, Cod & Pancetta and Smoked Haddock with Applewood Cheddar Cheese.

Coquilles St.Clements Jacques
Prime queen scallops, salmon & prawn in a shell with a rich sauce topped with cheese & potato.

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Meat & Poultry 

Christmas Joint Selection
5 boneless 1kg joints - beef, rolled pork loin, leg of lamb, turkey breast and gammon.

Gourmet En Croute Selection
Four each of these popular traditional encroutes -Lamb Parcel, Chicken & Gammon, Beef & Guinness Parcel.

Venison Steaks
Prime Venison naturally matured then steaked and trimmed of fat.

Donald duck Breast with Woodland Fruit and Sauce
Marinated duck breast garnished with forest fruits.


Turkey Tinsel Paupiettes
Individual turkey fillet flattened and rolled round a gluten free stuffing mix and then wrapped with pancetta.

Stuffed Lamb Noisette
Tender lamb noisettes each with a fruity seasonal stuffing.

Sleighbell Stuffed Pork
Pork tenderloin stuffed with sage and onion and wrapped with prime back bacon.

Seasonal Encroute Selection
A special Christmas encroute selection with great flavours Steak and Stilton, Chicken And Gammon, Turkey Brie And Cranberry.

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Mint Chocolate Snow Bomb

Mint flavoured ice cream coated in chocolate and with a chocolate sauce centre.

Individual Cheesecakes
A selection of Delightful Flavours.


Madagascan Vanilla Pannacotta
Set Pannacotta flavoured with Vanilla Pods.

Connoisseur Christmas Collection
An exciting collection of hand- made desserts.


Hot Sponge Pudding Selection

Our favourite rich sponge puddings selection with sauce.



Mouth watering with hot chocolate sauce.


Italian Chocolate Christmas Fondants.

Soft Centred Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding.

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