Seafood Sourced from around the World and Sold across the South

Seafood is a popular choice for many diners, and due to its versatile nature, it can be used as a starter or a main course. At First Choice Gourmet Foods, in Southampton, Hampshire, we have carefully selected seafood from around the world, giving our clients options of the highest quality. This includes our selection of tasty king prawns.



Dressed Crab - 10 x 220g (2.2kg) - £86.95
Crab shell generously filled with light and dark meat. Supplied with claws (subject to availability).


Squid Selection -Salt & Pepper Chunks & Panko Crumbed Rings -£51.95

Lobster Tails - 6 Portions (1.2kg) - £104.95
6oz lobster tails – delicious.


Mussels - 2.0kg - £57.95
These New Zealand green-lip mussels are grown in cool, clean water and are served ready-cooked in the half shell.


Salad Prawns - 100 to 200 Prawns (1.8kg) - £53.95
Individually quick-frozen North Atlantic prawns cooked and peeled.

King Scallops – 1.8kg - £65.95
With roe on. Approximately 20 per kg.

Paella Mix - 3kg - £57.95
The perfect paella mix of seasoned rice, seafood, meats, and vegetables. It is already cooked, so simply heat and serve.

Breaded Wholetail Scampi - 2kg - £53.95
Hand-prepared tails covered in natural breadcrumb. Real scampi at its best.

Seafood Cocktail - 2kg - £46.95

A delicious mixture of pre-cooked seafood, including: mussels, baby clams, peeled prawns, squid, and/or cuttlefish.

King Prawns

WE offer a very good selection of large king prawns quick frozen to seal in their flavour. They are available shell on, shell off, tail on, tail off , cooked or raw.

Cooked, peeled and tail on - 100 to 120 Prawns (1.8kg) - £55.95  




Raw and Peeled - 60 to 80 Prawns (1.8kg)- £51.95

Raw with Shell on - 30 to 50 Prawns (2.0kg) - £59.95

Giant King Prawns Raw and Whole - 12 to 16 Prawns (2kg) - £75.95

Marinated Butterfly King Prawns - 1.5kg - £54.95

Freshwater butterfly prawns with shell served in a garlic sauce.

Tempura King Prawns - 1.5kg - £54.95

King prawns in a bubbly tempura style batter great for use with dips.

Contact us now, in the South of England, for further information about our range of seafood, which includes a variety of king prawns.