Why Choose Frozen Food?

Thanks to freezing technology, you can enjoy all types of food throughout the year regardless of the season. Purchasing frozen food allows you to use as much or as little as you want at any time, which, combined with a long, frozen shelf life, reduces waste.

The Safest Way to Preserve Food

Freezing is a natural process which does not require the use of any preservatives. It stops the growth of the harmful microbes and pathogens that cause food poisoning and spoilage. Bacteria simply cannot multiply on frozen food, making it safer than any other form of food preservation.

Fresher Than Fresh

Fish and seafood can start to decline in quality from the moment it is caught. However, by freezing within hours of a catch, sometimes on-board the boat, this process can be stopped, preserving the goodness, nutrients, taste, and texture. ‘Fresh’ fish is sometimes not as fresh as we might hope, because it can take many days to reach your plate.

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