Healthy but Equally Delicious Poultry Dishes Delivered Across the South of England

Healthy eating does not have to mean sacrificing on taste and flavour. First Choice Gourmet Foods supplies an array of poultry meals that are delicious without having high fat contents. Based in Southampton, Hampshire, we are sure that our chicken and turkey dishes will soon become a firm favourite with you and your family.



Luxury Boneless Chicken Breasts (8oz) - 10 Portions (2.2kg) - £49.95

Succulent chicken breasts of superb quality.

Luxury Boneless Chicken Breasts (5oz) (1.8kg) - £49.95

Succulent chicken breasts of superb quality.

Marinated Chicken Breasts - 12 Portions (1.9kg) - £54.95
A butterfly of chicken breast marinated in a choice of five delicious seasonings:

Honey and Mustard
Lime and Chilli
Rosemary and Garlic
Lemon and Pepper ,Tikka Masala and our new Korean Gotchujang.

Breaded Chicken Goujons - 1.8kg - £53.95
Chicken breast strips lightly coated with a crisp crumb.

Chicken Capri - 12 Portions (2.2kg) - £56.95
Prime chicken fillet with a mushroom and cream sauce wrapped in light puff pastry.




Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs. 10 Portions - £49.95.


Succulent breast of chicken with garlic & mushrooms in flaky puff pastry.



Luxury Chicken Kyiv (Sprig Bone on) - 10 Portions (2.3kg) - £62.95

A tender, skinned breast of chicken with the sprig bone and filled generously with garlic butter.


Farmhouse Chicken Spring Onion/ Stilton&Port  £59.95


Luxury Chicken Kyiv (Boneless) - 10 Portions (1.9kg) - £59.95

A tender, skinned breast of chicken and filled generously with garlic butter.

Goan Chicken - 10 Portions (2kg) - £57.95
A moist boneless chicken breast filled with a creamy curry sauce, covered with an aromatic curry coating, and topped with grilled peppers and red onions.





Chicken Nuggets - 1.8kg - £45.95
Prime chicken breast cut into large bite-sized chunks and covered with crunchy breadcrumbs.


Southern Fried Chicken Fillets -  (1.8kg) - £49.95
Breast of chicken coated in spicy, seasoned breadcrumbs.

Chicken Strips - 1.8kg - £45.95
Prime boneless and skinless chicken breast individually quick frozen and stripped


Hunters Chicken - 10 Portions (2.1kg) - £59.95
Chicken supreme filled with cheese and coated in bacon and BBQ marinade

Carnival Chicken - 10 Portions (2kg) - £57.95
Succulent chicken breast filled, marinated, and topped with great Italian or American flavours.


Duck Breast with Woodland Fruit - 8 Portions (1.8kg) - £75.95
Duck breast in orange and basil marinade with a forest fruit garnish. A classic combination now with a Blackberry & Port Sauce.


Barbary Duck - 10 Portions (1.9kg) - £72.95
Specially selected, boneless duck breast with skin on.


Turkey Paupiette - 10 Portions (2.5kg) - £59.95
Individual turkey fillet flattened and rolled round a Cumberland sausage meat and cranberry stuffing and then wrapped with pancetta.


Chicken Cordon Blu

Chicken supreme filled with Cheese and lean Ham coated in golden breadcrumbs.

Luxury 10 portions-£62.95/ Boneless -10 Portions £59.95.

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