Sweet Treats Not to Be Resisted

After your main course has been and gone, indulge yourself with one of our handmade frozen desserts. At First Choice Gourmet Foods, in Southampton, Hampshire, we take desserts seriously, providing a range of options that are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Our collection of desserts changes with the seasons, but you will never be disappointed.


An Exciting Range of Handmade, Individual Desserts for That Special Occasion



Connoisseur Desserts - 15 Portions - £64.95

Exciting Range of Handmade, Individual Desserts for That Special Occasion. 


Mint Chocolate Trufito (Bomb) Back in stock £55.95

Cheesecakes - 15 Portions - £59.95

Three delicious varieties of cheesecakes on digestive crumb bases:



Sponge Pudding Selection - 8 Portions - £49.95

These delicious, rich sponge puddings are served hot and with their own sauce: 


Caramel Ice Cream - 12 Portions - £74.95

Ceramic dishes filled with vanilla and dairy toffee-flavour ice cream and served with a topping of toffee sauce.


Profiteroles - 72 Pieces - £53.95
Choux pastry profiteroles with a cream filling and a separate serving of rich chocolate sauce.

Contact us now, in the South of England, to find out more about our handmade frozen desserts.